Choose Joy tote bag

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Our tote bags are handcrafted from all types of recycled/upcycled/repurposed clothes and fabrics giving each piece a new life. This size is perfect for traveling or every day running around. You can fit all kind of things in there..books, notebooks, pencils, laptop, extra sweater, loaf of bread etc... you get the picture! It has two pockets inside and outside made out from suit pants or jacket pockets. Size of the pockets will vary since we recycle we never know how deep will be the pocket. It’s part of the recycling/upcycling/repurposing fun !

We added zipper for closure.

 We heat-transferred image for originality and a conversation starter. Don’t you worry the image sticks very well on the fabric and lasts pretty long.


16”W x 14.5”H

Straps size:


Only if you really need to you can gentle machine cold wash it, hang to dry. It will survive :)


NOTE: Our product is partially made from recycled/repurposed clothing/fabrics. Any little bit helps to our planet , our lovely Mother Earth ! 

NOTE: Since we recycle and our product is one of the kind our fabrics can be just slightly different from the fabrics in the picture. Thank you for understanding. It’s part of the recycling/upcycling/repurposing fun.



NOTE: if you really want a specific color scheme please email us to discuss the details to