Apr 15th 2019

You don’t need a wallet...you need Vallet!!

Good day to you!!! What an amazing day to live the American dream! What do you think about when someone says they are living the American Dream? Is it having millions? Or maybe just having a loving family to spend time with? For us, the American dream is being who we are, and doing what we want with no judgements nor limitations. That’s what we’ve come to love about the beautiful USA! A place where you can find your happiness, live out your dream and not apologize for it.

We started our dream almost two decades ago. We took a leap of faith and decided that we wanted something more, something different for ourselves. What better place to conquer that then America?

We are from Latvia, Europe and our primary language is Latvian. Of course we were eager and ready to learn english but our charming accents never really went away. Everywhere we went, we talked about our wallets and what they meant to us, but all everyone would hear is vallet! So we stopped trying to fight it, and embraced our new creation, the Vallet! So why have a wallet, when you can have a vallet, right!?

Vallets were birthed from our artistic side that we developed during our journey here in America. What the heck is a vallet you ask? And what makes them so different? They are 100% hand-crafted, original wallets, made from recycled clothing. The thought and idea of recreating something out of fabric that is either discarded and or overlooked, brought forth a passion we didn’t know we had.

We wanted to create something that would reach any and every type of person on all levels possible. When you look around, who doesn’t have a wallet? Everyone has one, men, women, teens and even many children. But our vallets represent the very people we meet, see and cross paths with every day. They are original, handcrafted, recycled and upcycled; artsy, cool, edgy, uplifting, unique and fabulous.

Being able to share our dream and passion with the world, is what we came to America to do. We love that we created something that is like no other, a product that can express your personality along with being functional. The vallet you choose is an extension of you and expresses your personality. Don’t blend in with the crowd, you were meant to stand out! It was at the moment we stopped trying to be like the other wallets, when we birthed the vallet!

Our mission is to inspire people to be unique, to follow their passion and to experience the wonders of life… and we hope you will do this while carrying a garment made by us. Until next time, “live your American Dream”. Inga and Evija….the Vallet ladies :)