The evolution of the wallet!

The evolution of the wallet!

May 22nd 2019

The evolution of the wallet!

Good day America! It’s an amazing day to live the American dream! Now that you know what the heck a Vallet is, we thought we could give a little history on wallets and how they came about. The “WALLET” is what actually inspired us in the first place. The first wallets were created and used in the 1500s. A small fabric pack; that closed with a drawstring and ties to belts. The Ancient Greeks used them to hold coins and a day’s worth of food.

While wallets have evolved quite a bit over time, the actual pocket wallet wasn’t created until after the introduction of paper currency by the Massachusetts Bay colony in the 1600s. I’m sure you’ve asked yourselves, how did wallets come to be in our pockets and not just carried in our hands or under our hats?? Lol.

After the invention of credit cards in the 1950s, wallets evolved to include slots for these new introduced charge cards. Back then wallets were made primarily of cow or horse leather. Wallets have for sure improved over time. Now, wallets are made from just about any material you can think of; like leather, polyester, cotton, and even some made of metal, duct tape and Tyvek. Even vegan wallets are available. You can find wallets of all kinds today, such as money clips, checkbooks, bi-folds wallets, tri-fold wallets and much, much more. They are plenty of options when it comes to selecting a wallet.

Wallets are carried around every day, you take them in and out of your pockets and or purses. They are amazingly useful, they hold anything from cash, to credit cards, to receipts and ID cards. Given how much we rely on this item, that is how our revolutionary Vallet was created. We had our hearts set on creating something unique for everyone.

We like to think that the word “REVOLUTIONARY” refers to something that has a major and or sudden impact on society. That is what we call Vallets!! Vallets are revolutionary, they are 100% hand-crafted, original, recycled, upcycled, artsy, cool, edgy, uplifting, unique and fabulous. Our Vallets are sleek and personalized. We are adding to saving earth by recycling while creating awesome Vallets!! Check out our process

We would love to hear from you!! What kind of Vallets would you love to see more of?