Inga And Evija story

Posted by Jenny Brochu on Feb 6th 2019

It is a rare and lovely occasion in life that we truly meet diverse, inspiring, artistic, creative, driven and caring people in the business world, or any parts of our world, for that matter. When we do, it grabs our attention and sparks our curiosity. Life can be daunting this day and age, as we can feel pulled in so many directions. We feel the pressure to have it all, and be it all. To be good people, socially and environmentally aware; to walk the talk. Living a happy, fulfilling, harmonious, balanced and abundant life and business seem like a challenge; but in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, at Inga and Evija Designs, you will find just that.

This unique company was started by two fearless women, who’s passion for life can’t help but rub-off; being sprinkled around, everywhere they go. Designers Inga and Evija are two of these rare gems. Born and raised in Latvia, a small country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, Inga and Evija arrived to the US after College and hit the ground running. Arriving in the United States with just $50 dollars in their pockets, these two dreamers embraced the adventures of their new home.

From their humble beginnings here as Hotel House Keeping Custodians, to Pirates at a Family Fun Pirate Adventure Dinner Experience, to the owners of their own successful business designing and sewing one of a kind wallets, scarves and handbags from recycled clothing and fabric. Their pizazz can be seen and felt in everything they do. They have that rare, striking art of everyday living and mindfulness. They dare to dream, and most importantly, they dare to DO. Their company embodies conscious awareness, advocating environmental consciousness, by using recycled old clothing and fabric to create artistic one of a kind accessories.

Their pieces are as unique as they are, promoting social awareness with their funky artistic designs and motivational, yet humorous messages, which are adorned on most of their pieces; encouraging others to believe in and love themselves as individuals, and to boldly express and celebrate our individuality. It is a company that embodies the change they wish to see in the world.

Their products are designed and made with mindful awareness and happy hearts. They are filled with the attitude of gratitude, for being able to live their dream of being mindful artists, creating beauty and meaning in the world. Many of their work days are a long 12 hours or more, but there is a vibration of happiness and the celebration of life in the present moment, makes it hard to label their passion and love as ‘work’. They love what they do, and it can easily be seen and felt in their work. Focus, dedication, and a positive attitude of gratitude have been the heart and soul of their business vision since day one.

The early years were that of traveling around the country to festivals to sell their wares. They love the beautiful moments see repeated customers with so much excitement on their faces to see their booth filled with their amazing products. It is a labor of love, from beginning to the end, from the first stich to the final sale, of a work of art, going to a new home for years to come. Seeing return customers touting their first lines of designs, still accessorizing with their favorite unique designs. To see people, still happy and loving their accessories after years of enjoying them, brings them much joy.

Inga and Evija Designs are a company that not only creates beautiful things, but also inspires us to live who we came to be, with purpose, passion and flare. They are beautiful proof that the vibration of gratitude and abundance, will only bring more of the like. Each piece is a tiny, unique piece of art, but it is also a tiny, unique piece of their heart. To carry such an accessory, is a divine reminder that anything is possible, from any moment in time, to be the best version of you, and to be who you are with passion and purpose, and give that beautiful you to the world in all you do.