Be Grateful for your Mom !

Be Grateful for your Mom !

May 6th 2019

What moms mean to us!

Good day America! It’s an amazing day to live the American dream! Now that winter temperatures are officially over, it’s time to soak up the amazing sun and bask in the beautiful fragrance of the flowers. Have you stopped to smell the roses lately? We mean literally!! It’s ok to slow down and take a moment to enjoy the beauty all around you. Living in a fast pace world, you can easily miss out on what’s really important, like life, love, family, and peace.

The other day we were on our weekly inspirational walk and as we walked and talked, we really got a chance to enjoy nature. We were able to think and reflect on how grateful we are. As our conversation continued, we started to feel extremely grateful for our moms. With Mother’s Day approaching, we really wanted to dedicate this blog to all the great mothers in the world. Whether you’re a biologically mother, a step mother, a foster mother, an adoptive mother, a sibling mother and or a mother to a niece and nephew, or a pet mom.A mother is anyone who gives maternal tenderness, affection, and guidance to a child. These are the women that deserve a standing ovation.

Sometimes we don’t realize how important moms are and how much they sacrifice for their families. I mean really, who else would cook your favorite meals, clean up after you, wash your clothes, be a shoulder to a cry on, stay up all night to watch over you while you’re sick, be a secret holder, help you with your last minute school work, be a motivator, yelling and screaming while cheering you on at a sporting event, or simply just being your number one fan. Only a mother could do all that and more. On top of that, a mother’s job is never done, there’s no privacy, sick days, nor vacation days. But I’m sure if you ask any mother, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Moms, we salute you, we honor you and we admire you. Thank you for all you do! You truly make the world a better place.

It’s an honor for Mother’s to have a day dedicated to them, which makes the day even more special when you celebrate and love on your mom throughout the entire year. If you really want to WOW your mom or just get her a unique gift, please take advantage of our Mother’s Day sale. Every mom deserves a nice Vallet and bag!!

We would love to hear from you! Tell us what your mom means to you!